Why You Are Using File Extension RTF

Posted by agitsan2008 | 5/13/2009 12:15:00 AM | , | 0 comments »

You may know about the File Extension RTF (rich text format), is a document file format that has been famous in the 1980s, the author is a Microsoft. This file format is a copyright of Microsoft until today. So many word processing software can read RTF files as well as, this format was created to be compatible with many word processing software, making this format intercede between other incompatible word processing. Some word processing programs that refer to rtf file format that is Microsoft Word, AbiWord, KWord, and OpenOffice.org. If you like opened a file with WordPad document, this is one example word processing program that refers to RTF format.

File extension RTF format believe in a method of storing documents that are free from viruses, its different like DOC format that allows a virus hiding in the DOC file as a macro function, another case the RTF format does not allow using of macros function. In terms of data volume storage is very small in size so you can save your space of media data storage, of course the file extension RTF are limited in terms of flexibility and expandability also the ability , so it can not be used for presentations that require the intertaktif feature or contents.

RTF file most widely used in programming language such as C + +, Java, and Pascal. So you do not need thinking longer anymore what format you want to save your important data,you just store it in the RTF format that is very flexible and secure, you wants learn more, please visiting the File Extension RTF home page.

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