SEO Technique Using Article Directories

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What Are Article Directories?

Article directories are sites where thousands of articles that have been posted. The arrange based on the neat categories to make it easier for readers to find the information they want.

If you have a business online but do not use article directories to promote your blog, you will lose the marketing method that is free and very effective. Article directories are one way to attract traffic to your site without a paid ad. However, to get traffic to your site using article directories, you must know how to use them correctly.

How Article Directories to be benefits for Online Business?

This is the big question. When you submit your articles to article directories, it will include a review with a link to your website. Because you are the author of, you are allowed to enter this information.

This means that anyone who is looking for online and came across an article directory will see a link to your site. In addition, if your article on the use by thousands of people on the internet, the links are still in the author put a link to the blog so you can appear in hundreds of website. To get high opportunity traffic put your article in article directory that a great page rank high. This means that the spider web that interested them. You have a link in this article are an important part of the campaign is connected online.

How do I make the Effective Submissions

If you submit your article to the directory, you need to do two things:

1. You need to learn about using the right keywords in the article content that you write
2. Create a unique and useful content. If your article the same as thousands of articles online already, so this information is not useful, people will not read the entire article

List of blog articles directory with PR and alexa rank
Alexa PR
1. 204 6
2. 970 5
3. 2,026 6
4. 3,807 6
5. 4,922 6
6. 6,465 4
7. 6,505 7
8. 7,006 6
9. 7,695 5
10. 8,473 2
11. 9,189 3
12. 12,390 3
13. 13,482 4
14. 18,557 6
15. 19,984 5
16. 22,969 5
17. 23,702 4
18. 24,113 2
19. 24,424 4
20. 25,220 5
21. 25,596 5
22. 26,390 4
23. 27,536 3
24. 27,672 4
25. 29,945 3

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