Optimising PDF Files for SEO

Posted by agitsan2008 | 4/14/2010 06:29:00 PM | | 1 comments »

In search engine optimisation you can use PDF files for your content. Once you have a reason to use this type of file you need to think about SEO tactics you have used in non PDF content. Many of these techniques will be the same. First consider a keyword rich file name. You will want keywords relating to your site in the file name. You also need to make it specific enough that the consumer knows what they are looking at.

The document title needs to be properly created as well. A search engine will display the title you give the document. If it is not clear and concise the search engine may not realise a consumer would want to see that item. You also have to think about on page content search engine optimisation. As with any content you need keywords in your content. In fact you should have at least one keyword in the first two sentences, if not two. By using at least one keyword at the top you gain the search engines attention. Tags, text links, link building, and much more will help you. You also need to consider the Acrobat versions it will work with. Acrobat 9 is out, but most consumers are behind with Acrobat 7 or 8.

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