Create a Disk Image Using ISO File

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You may certainly familiar with the type of file extension ISO, this kind of an archive image of a disk, containing the artificiality softcopy entire file in an unit disk, also including the boot and system information, file structure, and the file attributes . Unfortunately it does not support multi-track technology, so it unusable for Audio CDs, VCDs, or hybrid discs.


Burning file extension ISO to a CD or DVD can be done by almost CD / DVD burning software. If you are Windows OS users, you can use several types of software such as Nero, Roxio Easy Media Creator, WinImage, Alcohol 120% etc, for Mac OS users can use the Apple Disk Utility, Mac OS X Finder, and Roxio Toast, while for Linux have K3B, Pro Gear, Brasero and Nautilus.

File Extension Iso can be used as a virtual disk, which allows you to make disc imitation, without using the original disc, as the software to run it you can use a virtual PC emulators such as VirtualBox and Qemu, if you often play games that require a disc as the start up process, you can use the iso file and a PC emulator for replacement original disk. Another function is make it easier for you, iso file to save the file the necessary documentation, so that the file is stored does not have physical damage, and you can burning iso file to CD / DVD when you need it any time, replacing the CD / DVD that have been damaged.

However, using iso file as a virtual disk lacked for memory usage in very large and usage more in your hard disk space. You should take care when create an iso file, because the process requires a lot of system resources, so it does not allow you to open another application at the same time, there are some files are corrupted or may be lose, causing the iso file does not work and fail.

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